I think that telling about an area is important.

This narrative is also about innovation and evolution, but it must now travel on the wave of sustainability. This last for some mysterious word can be summarized as follows, “Fresh, local and seasonal” avoiding waste and using the parts that some people call scraps but are actually real ingredients of excellent recipes.
I use only Sicilian products and my cooking tastes and smells like them.
Of caviar, scallops, American Lobsters, Maldon Salt, Cantabrian Anchovies, and all the oriental stuff, which is good but doesn’t belong to me, I can do without.
I do not eat Bananas, Pineapples or tropical fruits that are not locally grown.
I try as much as possible to avoid greenhouse products and choose seasonal catch from our seas.
I take this one somewhat as a small mission, making my tiny contribution to preserving the environment and keeping our flavors alive in a contemporary way.
If you buy imported products you can put all the bullshit gold leaf you want in them, yours will always be a “flat” dish
Good Sunday

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