December 6 Tasting Menu ” December in Ortigia”

We are pleased to present our proposed Tasting Menu

Moorhead on Alagona Street
Cauliflower flan, raisins, pine nuts, Ragusa cheese, toasted Wheat crumbs
Saracen, dried figs and dates on “Syracuse-style sauce “of tomato paste and anchovies
Cauliflower flan with little raisin, pinot, saffron pecorino cheese, toasted buckwheat crumb, dried figs and date on “Syracuse Sauce” with tomato paste and anchovies

Warm Sea in Calarossa
Catch of the day, steamed octopus, shrimp, and seafood on velvety onion, caper, and baked olives
Catch of the day, boiled octopus, shimps and sea food, of onion puree, capers and baked olives.

A fisherman at the Navy
Tagliolini with catch of the day, botargo and lemon zest
Tagliolini pasta with catch of the day, bottarga and lemon zest

Squid stuffed with shrimp, breadcrumbs, raisins and pine nuts, with wild vegetables
Squid stuffed with shrimps, breadcrumbs, raisins and wild vegetables.

Seafood cutlet a la “Spidduta”
-High-cut roasted swordfish cutlet, breaded with flavored breadcrumbs and served with seasonal caponata
Swordfish cutlet with flavored crumb, seasoned caponata

Dessert of the day

at the reserved price of euro 100.00 pax
Drinks not included



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