Syracuse’s Macallé awarded green distinction for Michelin 2022 edition

Syracuse’s Macallé awarded green distinction for Michelin 2022 edition
MICHELIN Guide 2022: Syracuse shines with first Green Leaf

Double recognition for the
Macallè in Ortigia
, Chef Maurizio Moceo‘s restaurant, which has been awarded the Green Leaf, an appellation and BIO certification, to those who guarantee the use of at least 95 percent of ingredients from organic and/or biodynamic sources. In fact, to support chefs in their sustainable approach, the MICHELIN Guide has created the Green Leaf

Moceo:“I am a self-taught many things I don’t know how to do , classic recipes I forget and when I have to teach them I go over them….but what I do by creating out of the blue has the power of intense passion.”

But not only Michelin, the restaurant Macallé has been included in the Republic Guide “The Wonders of UNESCO: a journey through Italy to discover the beautiful.”, leading to the discovery of the 58 World Heritage Sites that grace the country, the land around them, Geoparks, Biosphere Reserves and Intangible Heritage. A national volume, produced in collaboration with Anas (Italian FS Group), which from August 8 will be joined by “Autostrade Gourmet,” a Guide to get to know the beautiful and the good that lies within easy reach of more than 700 exits.



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