Caponata: a typical Sicilian recipe by Macallé

If you wander into the alleys of Ortigia you can smell the preparation. Every home, every door has its own recipe that is passed down from generation to generation evolving with additions or subtractions of ingredients sometimes maintaining the processsof yesteryear. Originally caponata was a seafood dish, a main course with Capone or Lampuga, over time it became an all-vegetarian“tira gusto” served as an appetizer or side dish to accompany meat or fish dishes. Macallé ‘s version is an account of the dominations he had in Sicily. The Greeks with olives and oil, the Arabs with eggplant (the main ingredient) and sour-sweet (the essential focus of the recipe), the French with mirepoix, the ancestor of soffritto, the Spanish with tomato and chocolate, which came to us after the discovery of America. The history and essence of Sicily expressed in a dish. Also this at Macallé

Ph credit Sophocleous Klará

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